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6 Simple Rules to Come Up With the Perfect Name for Your Baby

By Mouloud Siaci

Choosing a name for your baby is the most crucial decision
you have to consider. It is very exciting and quite
difficult at the same time.

During the pregnancy, you will spend many hours trying
to decide on the baby's name.

You have to choose and select from a huge names list
and consider suggestions from family, friends
and other relatives...

In fact, you are going to face a big challenge, really.

In this article I will help you to manage all those factors
and give you important ideas to come up with the perfect
and ideal name!

And then I will show you an easy yet powerful software that
you can use to make advanced and personalized search into
a huge names database easily. This tool will literally
make naming your baby a very enjoyable task!

But before that, there are 6 imprtant aspects you have
to be aware of before we can go any further. And that's
what we will discuss right now.

Important Note:

You can apply the following simple tips whatever the
origin of the name you are considering. Feel free to apply
them if you wish to invent a new name, use a place name,
honour a family member...

The 6 Simple Rules to Keep in Mind:

Rule #1. Uniqueness:
Having a unique name, may make your child stand out of the
crowd. It is always good to feel "special"... Not being one
of the several "Johns" or "Taylors" in the classroom.

The downside is that "invented" or unusual names may be
mispronounced or misspelled by others most of the time.
And this could be frustrating for the child.

To resolve this dilemma, you can balance an unusual
surname by a more popular first name.
For example, a name like "Kyle Minkowsky" may be
preferable to "Regenweald Minkowsky".

On the other hand, you could balance a common surname by
a creative first name, say, "Eleonora Smith" rather
than "Jessica Smith".

Rule #2. The Rhythm of a Name:
How your baby's name sounds is very important. Before you
go any further, try to say it aloud with the middle name
you are considering and your surname too.

The full name should be sweet to the ears with no harshness.
Please, don't get me wrong, what I am trying to say here,
is that your baby's name should be fluent.

You can achieve that if you keep in mind the following tips:

* Balance a short surname with a longer firstname,
and vice versa. There is no good if it takes your child five
minutes to write out their full name!
e.g. "Jake Huntington" or "Elisabeth Wood" are fine examples.

* Avoid names that end with the same letter as your surname
begins. I will try to illustrate this second rule here:
The following names tend to merge together:
"Alexis Smith", "Erik Kramer" or "Jarod Deals"

...Do you get my point?

Rule #3. Alliteration:
Alliteration brings a kind of fine "decoration" to the
baby's name. If used properly, it is a combination of
letters that make the name easier to say and to remember.
e.g. "Len Livingstone", "Opal Ohara" or "Jerry Johnson".

Rule #4. Meaning of the Name:
At this level of the search, you should find out the
meaning of the name you are considering. It is always
gratifying to know that your baby's name means:
Love, hope, joy, life, tolerance, peace...

Rule #5. Check the Initials:
Once you have an idea for the baby's name, always check the
initials! While the full name may sound pretty, the initials
may bring some surprise!

Imagine the feeling of a child who grows up and realizes
that their initials are: "N.I.L.", "Z.I.P." or "S.A.D."

In order to avoid such embarassment for the child, check
the initials before you make your decision. You will be
glad you did.

Rule #6. Nickname:
Make sure you like the pet forms of your baby's name.
e.g. If you plan to name your baby boy: Richard, then
expect him to be called also: Rick. So, if you don't like
this shortened name, you may reconsider your decision.

Now you have all the elements to come up with the perfect name!

The challenge is that you have to combine ALL these factors
and apply them to EACH of the thousands names available!

Do you really think it's too much work?

About the author:
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