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"How To Keep Your Pet Python Happy?"

By Lazarus Prabhu

There are literally hundreds of
'word of mouth' tips and tricks
... you need to know
including all the
hard to find Python information people
just can't locate with internet searches or
trips to the library!

All it needs is the patience to learn them,
and follow the advice and suggestions.

If you're a committed python owner, and learn
all you need to know about pythons and
python rearing, you can
keep your pet python happy, and raise a
beautiful, lovable python
who will bring years and years of
companionship, thrill and joy to you
and your family, safely and

OK - today, let's talk about how
to make your pet python - when you have
one - HAPPY! (Because you have to admit,
when your pet is happy, you're happy too!!!)

First things first. How do you know when
your python is happy?

Pythons are wild animals that don't know
how to exhibit their happiness to humans.

At least not as yet. ;)

The two most important things you can
do to make your python happy have to
do with the SUN and SWIMMING.

* The Sun ...

Most pythons enjoy basking under the sun.
Therefore if you provide your pet a good
hide box and a heat spot, it will use the
hide box to rest most of the time, or
just coil around the heat spot basking.
A warm python is usually a happy python!

* Swimming (exercise) ...

Given the narrow confines of the cage we
provide them, pythons don't get much of
the exercise they would otherwise get in
the wild forests.

The best exercise for pythons is
swimming. True, it is not possible to
take the python to a swimming pool or an
abandoned pond for security reasons.

But you can use a kiddy pool or a large plastic
tub to create a python swimming pool.

Just fill the pool or tub with warm water
and let your python in it. You will watch
it move around happily, keeping its head
above the water.

Make it a point to clean the tub or kiddy
pool with disinfectants every time.

Swimming is definitely one of the best
ways of entertaining your pet python.

* Other ways to keep your python happy ...

Of course, mating your python when it
is ready is also another important happiness you
can give your python. More about this
in a future article.

With experience though, you'll be able to notice
anything 'out of the norm' for your
python thru its body language ... signs
that it may be feeling sick or uncomfortable,
though this will be a little difficult to see
at first.

And it's important to learn all the signs
of illness, and make sure your python is
not ill. This requires a separate article
too, as it is an involved topic by itself.

Here's to happier pythons!
"Everything you need to know
about Pythons all in one place!"

DISCLAIMER: The information in this
article is offered for education only.

About the author:
Prabhu Lazarus
Pet Fan-atic!

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